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What's the difference between Satin and Silk?

Satin vs Silk: One of the most common questions we receive is what's the difference between satin and silk pillowcases? Satin is a type of weave that is commonly used on silk to give it its signature shine. The type of satin weave we use at Majesty Silk is Charmeuse. This is the magic behind its lightweight, gorgeous drapery where one side is luxurious in feel and look with a dull reverse to keep the pillowcase in place.  Silk is a type of fabric that was once exclusive to royalty. Today, its milky texture and stunning lustre have made silk a highly sought after luxury. Mulberry silk is highest in quality and most shimmering in appearance. It gets its glow...

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Switching to Silk Pillowcases

In recent years, more and more people are ditching cotton for silk because of its major health and beauty benefits. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of silk. It's all natural, hypo-allergenic and great for your health. In fact, I love it so much that I created Majesty Silk pillowcases that specialize in hair and skin care. I'm beyond ecstatic to share with you 5 reasons why everyone should sleep on silk (whether it's with Majesty Silk or not). 1. Save time: My morning routine is extensive, and as a Boss woman, I have no time to waste before heading out the door. Spending hours fixing my bedhead is the last thing I need. Thankfully, silk prevents...

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Benefits of Silk

Silk is made of cellular albumen that the human body needs - there are 18 types of aminophenol in a strand of silk fiber alone. The aminophenols properties of silk are the same as your skin. That's why silk is often described as human's second skin. Sleeping on the silk feels comfortable, luxurious, and helps you fall asleep faster. It compliments your skin temperature, making you feel comfortably warm in the winter, and refreshingly cool in the summer. It also defends you against bacteria. Silk is hypo-allergenic and has natural anti-bacterial properties. Once you sleep with a Majesty Silk pillowcase, you'll never want to sleep on anything else.  Here are 5 Differences between a Majesty Silk pillowcase verse any other:...

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The Perfect Morning Routine

My morning routine is important to me because it sets the pace for the rest of day. I find that I become more productive and balanced when I’m disciplined to complete these simple tasks in the morning. These simple ones primes me to accomplish bigger and more difficult ones later on the day. I keep a journal on my nightstand and always journal every morning (and evening). I ask myself 3 simple questions and give 3 answers to each question. What am I grateful for? How can I make today great? List three positive affirmations about myself. It takes literally 3 minutes to do this but it instantly jump starts my day with gratitude and positivity! I always make my...

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