5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Switching to Silk Pillowcases

In recent years, more and more people are ditching cotton for silk because of its major health and beauty benefits. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of silk. It's all natural, hypo-allergenic and great for your health. In fact, I love it so much that I created Majesty Silk pillowcases that specialize in hair and skin care. I'm beyond ecstatic to share with you 5 reasons why everyone should sleep on silk (whether it's with Majesty Silk or not).

1. Save time: My morning routine is extensive, and as a Boss woman, I have no time to waste before heading out the door. Spending hours fixing my bedhead is the last thing I need. Thankfully, silk prevents tangles, split ends, and bedhead, so you look put together without the effort.



2. Lazy washers: For me, I'm guilty of rarely washing my bed sheets. The great thing about silk is that it's naturally anti-bacterial and repellent of mites, mold, and moisture - making it less of a crime.


3. Soft like a baby (and the baby can use it too): I have sensitive skin and it becomes irritated easily from chemicals, dust, life, etc. Silk was the best solution. It's hypoallergenic and all natural so it's perfect for all skin types. When looking for a good silk pillowcase, make sure it's made from 100% real mulberry silk and free from harsh chemicals. The one I sleep on is from Majesty Silk, and it's made with the highest grade of silk. It feels so luxurious and gentle against sensitive skin.

4. Sleep comfortably all year round: The unique quality of silk is that it adjusts to your skin temperature. In the winter, it warms up against your skin and in the summer, it'll keep you cool.


5. Less wrinkles: You might have noticed the ingredient "sericin" or "silk amino acids" in your lotions, soaps, hair treatments, body wash, and moisturizers. This active ingredient is extracted from silk because it protects your hair and skin from losing its moisture. Your silk pillowcase will maintain moisture, tighten your skin, prevent wrinkles, and signs of aging.






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